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link Images

Example images of card issuer logos (one of Elavon’s requirements is to show the card issuers logos).


link List of requirements

The list of requirements concerning the contents of the Merchant’s page, on which the card payments will be accessible.
The requirements are based upon the Merchant contract with Elavon:

PL: Weryfikacja_zawartosci_witryny_przez_Elavon_2014.pdf
EN: Verification_of_webpage_content_by_Elavon_2014.pdf

link Error Codes

Rejection codes from banks (“issuer_response_code” parameter) with descriptions for clients in Polish, English and French in the SQL format.

Translation: espago_issuer_response_codes.sql

Rejection codes in PL and EN are the only ones which are complete. In other languages, we support the most common codes, therefore we suggest preparing your app to display those in default languages (EN or PL).

Numeration with the “id” field is only for aesthetic reasons, and may change in the future.

link Libraries

Ruby on rails

Espago gem - API wrapper
Example of gem’s integration -

PHP - a script with minimal connection to APIv3.0 initiating a payment (without 3D-Secure) and a script receiving a back request.

Espago.js - example of an implementation of a form using Espago JS to create and receive a Card or CVV Token.

link Espago Terminals

Here you can find browser extensions for Espago Terminals purposes.

Google Chrome

Chrome web store

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